Programme, die von den MitarbeiterInnen des Instituts entwickelt worden sind.

power.Hepower.HE is designed to calculate sample size and power for the Haseman-Elston method in linkage analyses for a quantitative trait.
GEEsizeGEESIZE version 3.1 is designed to compute the minimum sample size in studies with correlated response data based on generalized estimating equations (GEE). These correlated response data arise e.g.
silcLODsilcLOD (significance levels and critical LODs) is designed to calculate nominal significance levels and critical LOD scores depending on the length of the investigated region, number of chromosomes, and the cross-over rate. The global significance level as well as the precision of the calculation have to be specified.
GroupSeqGroupSeq is designed to calculate sequential boundaries in R with extended functionalites compared with the FORTRAN program by Reboussin et al. (2000, Controlled Clinical Trials, 21: 190-207).
minsageminsage (mininmal sample size for genotypes) is designed to calculate the sample size of genotypes minimally required to ensure that all alleles with a specified frequency at one locus are detected with a given confidence.
abi2linkabi2link is designed to create linkage files out of ABI genotype and phenotype files. Please see example directory for a detailed file description.
EECIEECI (effect estimates confidence intervals) is an Excel tool for estimating confidence intervals for a number of epidemiological effect measures.
metataxaUnder construction.  metaxa (META-analysis with eXAct weights). An R-package for calculating meta-analyses which incorporates the variability of τ².   Further details readme.
ATOMICR-Paket zur Beurteilung von Signalintensitätsabbildungen
RangerRanger is a fast implementation of Random Forests, particularly suited for high dimensional data. Ensembles of classification, regression and survival trees are supported. Ranger is available as R package or as a pure C++ version.
Random JungleRandom Jungle has been superseded by the new software package Ranger.